Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize win is a welcome shift

Nashville Skyline is Dylan’s ninth studio album. Columbia Records.

Last week, Bob Dylan became the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize for literature. The award immediately caused controversy, as some argued that some of Dylan’s peers were more deserving for their works. I doubt that many of those same peers have matched his output and quality over the course of his career.

Dylan, now at age 75, has written songs for 57 years. Many of those songs would be right at home at an open-mic show in a coffee shop or analyzed by college classes.

To say that Dylan is undeserving is a discredit to his work. His songs have been included in poetry books, including the Oxford Book of American Poetry and the Cambridge University Press according to the New York Times.

This is not the first time he has been pioneer. 50 years ago, Dylan began playing folk songs on electric guitar, contrary to what was popular. After he conquered that, he went country. The dreary world of literature was in desperate need of a mix up. Who better to do it than Dylan?

As Dylan has written before, times they are a-changing.


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